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Our story

After years of working in restaurants, cafes and even a pharmacy, Ruud & Jan decided to leave behind their busy lives in Belgium. They moved to France and visited several hotels there. It was a long and adventurous quest that finally left Ruud & Jan stranded at Le Cro Magnon. It was love at first sight.


The hotel is fully illuminated by the sun, with the threatening clouds of an oncoming thunderstorm in the background. It looked like a fairy tale/painting I immediately fell in love with. Never was I so convinced to leave Belgium for the greatest adventure of my life. As the head chef in Le Cro-Magnon, I'm going to ensure good, tasty food. Enjoyment with a capital E. I once worked as a pharmacy assistant, so I had had to make up a lot of recipes already ;-), but in Le Cro-Magnon, they taste a lot better than in the pharmacy . As a pharmaceutical deputy at Puressentiel, I learned everything about essential oils. This is often reflected throughout the hotel, and they are even used in the kitchen.



There are many who dream of it, but few who actually do it. The decision to pursue our dream was made fairly quickly. Falling in love with the right property took a little longer, but we fell for Le Cro-Magnon like a bomb from that very first look. You'll understand what I mean the moment you stand in front of the hotel. Quitting my job as Associate Director at AirPlus International was hard for me, as well as leaving Antwerp, because when I'm passionate about something, I go 'all in'. The passion for our French adventure is even greater, however, so ‘ALL IN’ it is. While Jan is cooking, I take care of the rooms and serving our guests. It goes without saying that I have selected very tasty wines, and our beers come from Belgium, of course!


Our adventure

Ruud and Jan fell in love with the rustic character of the Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil region. You will find beautiful nature, challenging cycling routes and both culinary and cultural pampering there. When they stumbled across the building of Le Cro Magnon, they decided to give up their lives in Belgium and to start this lifelong adventure together. The two epicureans now set their own pace, and want to offer their guests the same peace and quiet.

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